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Cybersecurity laws and regulations are evolving rapidly around the world. Companies battling ever more sophisticated cyberattacks face higher risks if they do not keep up with new requirements in all markets where they operate. Keeping up with these changing requirements diverts valuable time and resources from cyberdefense. Blue Edge Lab will provide companies with a proactive, innovative solution.

Introducing CyberTrakIntroducing CyberTrak

CyberTrak is a highly innovative online cybersecurity tool featuring information on cybersecurity-related mandates in 23 key markets around the world. This online information tool is available on an annual subscription basis to help GCs, CIOs, CISOs, risk officers and legal, technology, IT and procurement departments of multinational companies to make better risk management decisions by keeping up with cybersecurity-related laws, regulations and standards around the world.

Delivering Critical Global Information at a Keystroke

CyberTrak provides instant online access to in-depth information on cybersecurity procurement and compliance mandates in 23 key markets in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. CyberTrak helps companies understand and navigate through complex cybersecurity protocols that are vital to protecting their commercial interests by answering important questions such as:

  • Delivering Critical Global Information at a KeystrokeWhat cybersecurity and data security requirements are coming online in major economies around the world?
  • Where are those requirements likely to change?
  • How likely is the requirement to be enforced and what are the potential penalties if enforcement occurs?
  • What degree of activity in the country triggers enforcement risk (e.g., having an office or sales reps in country)?
  • What countries restrict use of security technologies such as encryption and how do we comply with those requirements?
  • What privacy restrictions apply to monitoring for network intrusions?
  • In what countries do we need to notify regulators or individuals of a hacking incident or loss of personal data, and what do we need to do in those countries?

Carefully vetted contributorsCarefully vetted contributors

A global group of more than 50 carefully selected practitioners in key jurisdictions regularly monitor for ongoing developments in their regions. Contributions are carefully reviewed and edited for consistency, and contributors are required to provide regularly scheduled updates 2x/year along with interim updates when major changes occur.

Global information, consistent across key geographies Easy to understand and compare information across key markets where your business operates
Timely information that includes regularly scheduled updates 3x/year along with interim updates when major changes occur Subscribers can access current information on cybersecurity mandates and can be alerted to major changes when they occur
Central source of information at your fingertips Saves time, money, and effort by providing in-depth information that is often difficult to find and frequently requires multiple sources. Easy to access
Contributors vetted by Blue Edge Lab Subscribers can trust the information they read because contributors are carefully vetted practitioners in their local region, and content is carefully reviewed by leaders in cybersecurity


US State Breach Insight


Regularly updated details on the evolving breach notice requirements in all 50 US states.


Annual Subscription

Company-wide CyberTrak access is offered on an annual subscription basis.

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